We have expertise in a wide variety of intellectual property issues, and are regularly advising creators, licensors, licensees, publishers, joint ventures and industry associations on intellectual property and commercial arrangements including:

  • Protection of intellectual property rights
  • Commercial exploitation of intellectual property (domestic and international)
  • Contracts and licensing
  • Terms of trade for intellectual property suppliers
  • Intellectual property disputes and enforcement of intellectual property rights
  • Collaborative projects and intellectual property ownership structures
  • Digital Rights Management
  • Brand development and protection
  • Trade mark advice, trade mark registration and deregistration/opposition;
  • Domain name law and disputes
"Clendons have an unrivalled understanding of the legal and commercial issues affecting designers.  Clendons' expertise in intellectual property, contracts, dispute resolution and other legal fields, coupled with their long-term association with the design community in New Zealand, makes them uniquely equipped to provide invaluable assistance to design professionals in all sectors." – Cathy Veninga, Chief Executive Officer, Designers Institute of New Zealand Inc.