We work closely with businesses operating in, and from, New Zealand to assess international investment and acquisition opportunities, and import and export opportunities. 

We recognise that our clients are critical in the success of the international trade environment and we provide full support to them through offering advice in the complex and diverse international trading environment.  This is complemented by our expertise in business and dispute resolution enabling us to provide tailored advice and litigation support to our clients operating in unfamiliar or volatile jurisdictions and markets.

We provide across the board advice and support in the international trade market, including:

  • The whole trade cycle from raw product to market
  • Supply chain
  • International contentious and non-contentious practices
  • International sale of goods and trade agreements
  • Dispute resolution and enforcement
  • Exclusive and non exclusive  distribution and licencing agreements
  • Governing law, conflicts of law and jurisdiction
  • Multi-lateral and bi-lateral free trade and investment agreements, and compliance with international conventions
  • Foreign direct investment, joint ventures and acquisitions and mergers
  • Foreign market entry
  • Financial services and markets
  • Regulatory advice