We have extensive experience in these areas as they affect resourced-based manufacturers, developers and private individuals. We have assisted clients in:

  • Obtaining  land use (including subdivision) consents, discharge consents and coastal permits
  • Advising on supply contracts and land acquisition contracts including on  environmental site audits 
  • Planning due diligence on site acquisitions
  • Compliance, liability and enforcement/abatement procedures
  • Providing advice on subdivisions from initial concept through to final lot sales including in relation to boundary adjustments, land covenants and consent notices
  • Representation before Councils, the Environment Court, High Court and the Court of Appeal on resource management proceedings
  • Preparation of submissions and advising on local government planning instruments including the Auckland Unitary Plan;
  • Strategic and legal advice on land use potential and consent strategies, construction contracts and property agreements
  • Instructing and liaising with counsel and planning, heritage, archaeological, landscape, acoustic, traffic, ecological, design and other expert consultants on planning applications and submissions on planning instruments